2023 General Elections

The local Cambridge election will occur November 7th, 2023! Elections will vary state-by-state!

What are off-year elections?

Off-year elections take place between midterm and presidential election years. Positions on the ballot will vary by county and even township. In Cambridge, the city council seats will be on the ballot.

Voting in Cambridge, MA

The following information applies to the general election taking place on November 7th, 2023

Dates and Deadlines

  • Register to vote - received by October 28th at 8pm, or postmarked by October 28th
  • Request a mail-in ballot - October 31st at 5pm
  • Early voting - October 28nd to November 3th

More detailed information on voting in Cambridge is available on the Cambridge Election Commission webpage.

Vote by Mail

Anyone can vote by mail with no excuse in Massachusetts. In order to do so, you must request a ballot by 5pm on October 31st. You can request your ballot using the online portal HERE.

You must then return your ballot by 8pm on Election Day. Leave time for your ballot to travel back by mail! We recommend mailing your ballot 1 week before Election Day in order to allow enough time. You can also bring your mail-in ballot to a polling place on Election Day if you do not get it in the mail in time.

Early Voting

Early voting will take place from October 22nd to November 4th. Times and locations are not yet posted at the time of this updating (September 2nd). You can find more information about early voting in Cambridge HERE.

Voting in Person on Election Day

If you plan to vote in person in MA on election day, you can find your polling place using this website. If you are registered at a dorm other than Random, your polling place is probably Kresge, but you should verify that. Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. Contact vote-exec@mit.edu with any questions.

Voter Information

The Graduate Student Council usually prepares a voter guide for students for Cambridge local elections. Check back here to find it when it is ready!

Voting in Other States

Click the button below for more information on elections in other states.